Designs by Norella


Terms of use for *Designs by Norella*

Commercial use & Personal use is OK as long as you respect my terms

Summing up my TOUs, but you are responsible to know all of my Terms.
*Commercial Use of these Clip art/Poser Tubes images are OK as long as the
finished images are sold as part of a single flattened image
with a background so that the buyer cannot extract the design
from the background.

YES! You may use these in your:
*Printed Crafts

*Web Design

*Web Templates

*Digital Art

*Graphics for Online Craft Shops (banners, avatars, product pages)

*And any other craft that fits with my terms of use (please read below)

***~~~***Scrap Kits***~~~***
You may use these tubes to make and sell scrapkits “as is” as long as:1. Any *Designs by Norella* poser tube is resized by half (approx 1600px high)

2. A max of 2 tubes may be used in the final kit.

3. The tubes used does not make up more than 25% of your final kit

4. Credit must be give in the "read me" or "credit" file.

Full Term of Use (you are responsible to know my terms upon buying)

1.*Designs by Norella* maintains and legally possesses the power to grant buyer this license for all enclosed materials. Buyer is not purchasing the copyright of the graphics, only the right to use them. The copyrights to the contents will be retained by *Designs by Norella*. Buyer may not claim ownership to any of the original contents in whole, or in part. *Designs by Norella* may revoke this license if any of the terms below are violated.

2. These terms are subject to change, and it is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure that he/she is aware of the most current terms. Current terms are always available at by Norella/policies

3. *Designs by Norella*, for each product, gives the buyer the right to use the images under specific circumstances. Specific Circumstances are as follows:

* Purchased items may be used to create personal & commercial projects. Such as Sig tags, web design, tags, stationary, scrap booking, etc. And You can alter the images in anyway you wish, this includes cutting, re-sizing, re-coloring, etc. And you may freely distribute your own finished flattened creations.

*If used in a digital scrap kit, the tube must be resized by half, a max of 2 tubes can be used in the final kit & that the tubes does not make up more than 25% of the final kit.  In the "read me" or "credit" file you must include my copyright, "Art (c) *Designs by Norella*" with a link to my blog

* Buyer can sell any derivative works created using these items, provided none of the original materials can be extracted from the derivative work by any means. If Designs by Norella can show that any of the original material can be extracted from buyers derivative work, Designs by Norella can demand both the original and derivative work, and all copies thereof be deleted. This is designed to protect the Artist from buyer releasing work, which lets other users obtain the copyrighted material, and is not meant to infringe upon the artistic endeavors of the buyer.

*A link back to this site is not required for most usage although very appreciated! If your group requires copyright on the image "Art (c) *Designs by Norella*" is appropriate.

*You can use the images in tutorials providing I am given full credit and a link back to this website. You may also upload the image to your own server and offer it from there, if you purchase a tutorial license. However THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN OFFER THEM IN A FILE COLLECTION. Also you can sell your tutorials that use my artwork, however you are not to sell the use of my original artwork in any way.

* Buyer may not include "as is" purchased items in any collections for resale, redistribution and/or free in file sharing groups. (i.e.: brushes, .psd files, .psp files, .png files, tubes or clipart) nor may buyer store it any place on a network or on the Internet where it may be referenced by a third party. You may however use my art in your own tube creations, only if you have sufficiently modified and added to the tube so that it no longer resembles the original art and has become your own new unique creation.

* Buyer may not use "as is" purchased items for mass commercial reproduction to companies, business organization and/or other likenesses.

4. Buyer retains this license, even if *Designs by Norella* stops selling this work at a later date, or decides to charge a different price. *Designs by Norella* may only revoke this license if it is shown that a buyer has previously violated the above said terms and conditions.

5. Artist maintains that all items in the archive are their original work, and/or are derivative works from something found, and verified, to be in the public domain.

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