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When stated in my preview:
PU-only - Use it for personal use only

When stated in my preview:
CU -you can use items in PU-scrapkits to sell.

When stated in my preview:
CU4CU - with my CU4CU-license you can use items in CU-scrapkits or PU-scrapkits to sell.


CU :  - A scrapkit can be build around it, all items can be added.The finished kit can only be for selling in PU kits.

When you have a CU4CU-license:
CU4CU - allows you to create your own commercial use products from the provided elements or papers. With CU4CU items nearly everything is allowed except reselling them as they are. This can be sold as PU or CU.


You May NOT......

-Use my work for any commercial/financial gain when the preview shows PU-only.

-Distribute my kit in part or in whole. You may share the preview, if someone is interested in downloading the kit, you may share the link to my blog:

-Fill your kit with a complete kit of mine. 5 items at the most.

-Claim my work as your own or rename files.

-Use my work to create any obscene/immoral or defamotry act that is illegal and prohibited by law.

If you HONESTLY feel that you cannot abide by the terms I have set, please do not use my work.? I feel my terms are simple and pretty standard and easy to follow.

THANK YOU for downloading my designs, I hope you enjoy it.


have fun!

luv, Karen

ps  If you have any questions please email at

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