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TOU Macy's Designs March 2015

Term of use:

Blog :

Do not claim my tubes/items as your own
Do not send my tubes/items through share groups or upload my files to any file sharing site
Do not alter my tubes/items in anyway
Do not resell my tubes/items as you receive, you must make something with them
Do not place my tubes in the zipfile of your tutorial etc.
Do not use my work to create any obscene/immoral or defamotry act that is illegal and prohibited by law

You may use these tubes/items for commercial / personal use
You may use only my tubes/items as cu4cu when you bought my CU Extended Lifetime License
You can find it in the categorie License of the store
You may use my tubes in 1 PU kit
Not more then 2 tubes pro kit
You may use my tubes to make cards, tutorials, stationary, blog or websets as long as credit given to me
Credit Macy's Designs in all your products

If someone is interested in downloading, then send them to the store

If you HONESTLY feel that you cannot abide by the terms I have set, please do not use my work.?

I feel my terms are simple and pretty standard and easy to follow

THANK YOU for downloading my designs, I hope you enjoy it


have fun!

luv, Macy
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